I am a retired physician and self taught artist.  In my specialty as a Pathologist, I spent a career peering into the microscope, deciphering minute variations in colors, shapes and patterns. While deeply rooted in science, Pathology requires the patience to search for clues via hyper-attention to detail, the ability to build pictures in your mind, and the imagination to visualize the whole story from a tiny sample.

Photography is integral to my process.  While being largely faithful to the camera's eye, I am on a continual search to craft drawn images that add emotional content and artistic value.  Common items of everyday life are the raw source material for my work. My medium is colored pencil, graphite, or pen & ink on paper.  My method is realism, but realism reshaped by additions and subtractions and by modifying color, shade and shadow, reflectivity and scale.


Colored Pencil Drawings

Pen & Ink Drawings